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Track Review: Wall // Gill Guillermo

Performing under the moniker Gill Guillermo, singer-songwriter Gil Benmeir has a sound that is honest, raw and moving. An Israeli native, Gil relocated to the UK to study at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. During this time he not only learned about performing arts but made a name for himself in the Liverpool music scene. Unfortunately, 2020 was not filled with festivals and gigs with Covid-19 hitting the globe. As such, Gil chose to return to his hometown of Haifa to “last out the pandemic” and release original material. We introduce you to Gil with his single ‘Wall’.

Mixed and mastered by renowned producers Steve Powell and Pete Maher respectively, ‘Wall’ is a melding of folk-rock and classic rock. One of the most striking elements of ‘Wall’ is the effortless transitions between different genres as the song progresses. Beginning with simplistic guitars, the track seems to be a steady one; however, the movement into folk-rock and melodic metal makes ‘Wall’ rather eclectic.

“The song just poured out of me. I was thinking about a friend my brother had lost during his service in the Israel Defense Force and about my fear as a kid that one day someone would knock on our door and break the news my brother had fallen.” – Gill Guillermo on ‘Wall’

Reminiscent of Uriah Heep with a twinge of Black Sabbath, Gil drags you back to the 1970s with his powerful sound. Moving from his traditionally acoustic style, ‘Wall’ shows Gil’s deeper, darker, grittier side. Considering the track is inspired by the fear of loss, it makes sense the track would have a heavier sound. This does not mean his simplistic acoustic tracks have no depth, it merely indicates his versatility as an artist.

Known for his warm, rich vocals, Gil’s throatier tone in ‘Wall’ emphasises distress and despair. With a mild similarity to Ozzy Osbourne, the roughness adds robustness to the track; however, the intensity is felt in the personal narrative. A sonic representation of pain and inexplicable fear, ‘Wall’ sinks into your bones, stirs your soul and leave you cold with tears in your eyes.

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