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Track Review: Way To Kiss You // LACHYO

If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran or Niall Horan, the chances are you will love singer-songwriter LACHYO. Hailing from rural Australia, LACHYO proves that you don’t need to be from the big city to be a star. Shining brightly with tender melodies, this naturally talented artist is captivating audiences across the globe. He might only have three singles to his name (or at least that’s what I found on Spotify), but the newbie is making big waves in the music industry. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Way To Kiss You’.

Following his single ‘Say The Word’, LACHYO weaves an indie-folk thread into his pop-rock sonic tapestry with ‘Way To Kiss You’. Penned in 2018, ‘Way To Kiss You’ is a love song written about how he missed his young love. He explains that “the same feelings of love and loss and everything else is a universal sentiment no matter who you are and where you live.” – it is this tender sentiment that is felt through the sincere melody. Almost acoustic in a way with the acoustic guitar and dynamic drums, the arrangement has a simplistic sentimentality that is almost palpable.

Sweet, kind and caring, you can feel the love behind LACHYO’s vocals. ‘Way To Kiss You’ is tasteful and sophisticated, but there is also a naïve vulnerability in the track. Rich, robust vocals execute poetic lyricism adding a hint of profoundness to the youthful song. Really, it is difficult to describe this beautiful track because it is so moving. I can use all those adjectives – sincere, tender, heartfelt – and it still would not aptly describe ‘Way To Kiss You’. So, the best thing to do is to listen to the track yourself and discover how much you want to hug LACHYO based on ‘Way To Kiss You’.

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