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Track Review: We Did It To Survive // Hailing Ishimura

Influenced by the likes of Coheed & Cambria, Lamb of God, The Early November and, if you can believe it, the Beatles, Hailing Ishimura has a rather eclectic sound. Formed by multi-instrumentalists Dom Hopson (guitar, bass and synths) and Chris True (guitar and bass), the US-based band draws together elements of metal, rock, post-punk and dream-pop in a gritty package. Despite forming in late 2021 making them relative newbies on the scene, Hailing Ishimura is receiving a lot of positive attention. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘We Did It To Survive’.

Described by Edgar Allan Poets as a new discovery they would highly recommend, Hailing Ishimura is stealing the hearts of audiences across the globe. In ‘We Did It To Survive’, they continue the story created with previous singles ‘Looking For Life’ and ‘If You Get This, Follow Our Beacon’; however, this track is far darker than the previous releases. Hailing Ishimura explains that ‘We Did It To Survive’ “finds the adventurers at their most desperate. They are dead in the water, and they have to make hard decisions, the vibe of the track embodies this completely…”

While there is a brooding darkness to the new single, the lads retain a lightness in the tale and track. From the opening, Hailing Ishimura tips you into a sonic black hole with the swirling metal meeting hard rock guitar and it only becomes heavier. Strong metal tones emerge from the melodic arrangement creating an almost palpable grunge and grittiness to the instrumental – a true reflection of the despair felt by the protagonists.

As I mentioned, there is a lightness in the track irrespective of its high-powered guitars – this is evident in the eclectic progressive metal movement. A heaviness still exists in this movement, but there appears to be a breath of life in the desperate situation. I was a fan of Hailing Ishimura before ‘We Did It To Survive’ and I continue to appreciate and recommend their music after ‘We Did It To Survive’.

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