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Track Review: We Failed Until We Didn’t // Sarantos

Absorbed with music from a young age, US-based artist Sarantos expressed a passionate fascination for life through songs. While helping out at his parents’ diner when he was a child, you could find Sarantos scribbling away on a napkin, piece of paper or notebook capturing everything around him in profound lyrics. Skip ahead a few years and Sarantos is an award-winning singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, author, poet, radio show host and part-time spy (don’t tell anyone about that). Receiving coverage internationally from notable publications and radio stations, he has been described as “…an uplifting artist…” (TJPL News).

With a plan to release a new song, music video, book chapter and poem each month until, well, he ceases to be, Sarantos constantly oozes passion for the arts. In the past 10 years, he has released over 14 albums, 180 original tracks and several fantasy/fiction books – he’s a bit of a comic nerd. Following his single ‘Somethin’ To Believe In’, Sarantos blasts into 2023 with the single ‘We Failed Until We Didn’t’. Unlike the previous track, ‘We Failed Until We Didn’t’ is more upbeat with toe-tapping pop slivers breaking through the melody instead of a folksy ballad. It is this diversity and innovation that really shows Sarantos’ versatility as an artist.

Inspired by the power-pop style of The Beatles and The Beatles, ‘We Failed Until We Didn’t’ has a strong nostalgic core taking us back to the 60s. Interestingly enough, while this old-school flair is prominent, you could easily place the track alongside contemporary artists like Ed Sheeran. The combination of upbeat guitars, chilled-out drums and Sarantos’ rich vocals exude laidback vibes in the harmonic melody. The thing is, while we can relax to this inspiring music, there is a profoundness lurking beneath the surface. It appears to make itself known at the end when the instrumentation dulls down leading to a spoken-word stillness. Here we get a true representation of Sarantos’ thought-provoking material and pure artistry.

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