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Track Review: Weed & Whiskey Women – Distilled Mix // Pennan Brae

The brainchild of singer-songwriter, photographer and filmmaker Robert Osmond, Pennan Brae is a project dragging us back to the rock sounds of yesteryear. Perhaps, he’s dragging the sounds of the 70s and 80s to contemporary time, but either way, he’s got an old-school rock vibe going. Feature on The Other Side Reviews, Fruit Sonic, Roadie Music, Find A Song and several other publications, Osmond is reaching the masses on a global level. One of the latest additions to his critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Weed & Whiskey Women – Distilled Mix.


Not one to mess about or waste time, Pennan Brae has already released two albums this year – and it’s only July. Taken off his album Cinema, the 9th album to his name, ‘Weed & Whiskey – Distilled Mix’ showcases Osmond’s innovativeness and eclectic style. Produced by Kirk Kelsey (The Smashing Pumpkins), the melodic arrangement is intriguing with a unique set of instrumentation and incorporation of Osmond’s rich vocals. Unlike most singles I have heard, the track is not driven by a single instrument but each element receives a singular position resulting in an experimental whole.

While the melody melds various genres from pop to Southern rock, ‘Weed & Whiskey – Distilled Mix’ shows depth in the sound and lyricism. Lyrically, it touches on feelings of nostalgia and insight as the protagonist reflects on “wilder times” but is determined to “hit the straight and narrow”. I find this concept is superbly represented in the “up and down” melody, along with the female vocals to connect with previous endeavours. It is no question that Pennan Brae could pull off the introspective song on his own, but a female influence adds that extra something to the mix.

Along with the single, Pennan Brae released an official lyric video for ‘Weed & Whiskey – Distilled Mix’. Due to the video using lighting effects that can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy, I was unable to view the video in its entirety. What I did see was rather amusing. Opening with an old-style “our feature presentation” image, Pennan Brae immediately sets the scene for a trip down memory lane. The dancing females, dancing flowers and kaleidoscopic backing is whimsical and carefree adding a childish innocence to the “wild ride”. Truth be told, watching it is like being on an acid trip with Alice In Wonderland-esque visuals. In fact, listening to ‘Weed & Whiskey – Distilled Mix’ is like being on an acid trip with Alice In Wonderland-esque vibes. Need I say more?

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