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Track Review: Welcome // Tanya George

With an extraordinarily unique sound, Australian singer-songwriter Tanya George is not easily labelled. In fact, it is almost impossible to pigeon-hole her considering her boundary-breaking style. Born and bred in Melbourne, Tanya is a strong part of the ever-evolving arts scene beginning with her critically acclaimed debut EP Sonder in 2018. Featured in publications like The Other Side Reviews, Lefuturewave and Buzz Music, this young lady is reaching audiences on a global scale. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘Welcome’.

Following her electropop EP Normality (released in 2020), ‘Welcome’ is a soulful and soothing single. Showcasing her innovativeness and versatility, Tanya moves from a synth and beatbox-based release to a blues meets jazz design. Reminiscent of Florence + The Machine, but with the smoky sexiness of Sade, ‘Welcome’ infuses jazz of yesteryear with a contemporary edge.

After a challenging and uncertain year, Tanya George bursts into 2021 with a tranquil swirl of sound. While her soaring vocals send goosebumps down your spine, ‘Welcome’ is so much more than a danceable track. In its poignant lyricism, Tanya shows her honest insightfulness with a depth of content.

It is true that Tanya’s music is powerful touching on provocative issues and ‘Welcome’ retains this significant nature. From questioning social norms to existential truths, Tanya takes on the relationship between fear and love in her latest single. Yet, while the track could be condemning or anxiety-ridden, ‘Welcome’ explores the hopefulness of intertwining love, fear and change.

“‘Welcome’ is about welcoming two emotions… equally by bringing them together to create the change we want to see within ourselves or others. Both emotions are just as important as each other and change is a necessity in order to keep growing and learning.” – Tanya George on ‘Welcome’

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