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Track Review: What A Way // Kindred Connection

Bringing together elements of dream-pop, classical and indie-rock, the Italian duo Kindred Connection is developing a new genre-defying sound. Meeting at university, Gabriele and Mattia found a kindred musical connection (a pun on the band name intended) as soon as they started playing together. Combining their multi-instrumentalist skills with Gabriele’s songwriting and Mattia’s production abilities, the pair are placing audiences in whirlpools of sound. Featured on YMX, The Other Side Reviews, Scary Canary and several playlists, Kindred Connection is building a global reputation – and this within the first year of their formation. The latest addition to their discography is ‘What A Way’.

Recorded and produced in their home studio in rural Italy, but mastered in London, ‘What A Way’ is the result of good collaborations between artists and sound engineers. Following their single ‘Some Kind Of Dream’, ‘What A Way’ retains the indie-rock meets dream-pop sound encasing listeners in a hushed ambience. Definitely a track created to soothe the soul with its unique melodic arrangement, there is a boldness hidden behind the ethereal surface. What I find intriguing is how the track may seem wistful and whimsical but has a mature context in the cinematic soundscape.

Kindred Connection shares that ‘What A Way’ was written “…in a particularly complicated moment. Mattia was going through a very complex sentimental crisis and Gabriele was struggling to find a place where to feel completely at home after spending several years away from his hometown.” The melancholic lyricism is exquisitely portrayed with Gabriele’s otherworldly vocals enhancing the poignancy of the tragic song. Yet, despite the despair of the song, ‘What A Way’ retains a sense of optimism and hopefulness in the melody. It shows how difficult situations can be overcome with the self-expressive catharsis of music.

In addition to the single, Kindred Connection released an official lyric video for ‘What A Way’. The video can be viewed below:

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