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Track Review: What I Like // Henry Alexander

Featured in Come Here Floyd, Happy Mag and Amnplify, Australian singer-songwriter Henry Alexander has been described as enigmatic, refreshing and yet to disappoint. This is my first taste of Henry Alexander and I have to say I agree with the critics. Blending pop-rock, indie-rock and indie-pop, Henry has formed a heavy but eclectic sound. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘What I Like’.

His first single of 2022, ‘What I Like’ has a bold, robust track with a mild reminiscence to The Darkness. Yet, while there is an underlying similarity to The Darkness, particularly with the intriguing vocals, Henry Alexander is quite distinctive. Following his upbeat pop-rock track ‘Tell The Future’, ‘What I Like’ is more rock-inspired with strong guitars and pounding drums. This transition from lighter to heavier sounds showcases innovativeness in the artist. Moreover, the movement from high-paced cheekiness to a deeper, more hard-hitting ending makes ‘What I Like’ a true sonic slap in the face. But a good sonic slap in the face.

Tossing you into a whirlpool of sound, Henry Alexander sends you swirling about in a kaleidoscopic haze. Not simplistic in its melody, but almost simplistic in his bold message, ‘What I Like’ is a testament to determining whether culture or the person comes first. It’s like the chicken or the egg question but in a more personal way. The lyric “that’s what I like, cause that’s what I’m like” encapsulates the power of this single in a sharp, direct manner. Yet, while it is direct, there is an intimacy that speaks to audiences on a deeper level.

As I mentioned, this is my introduction to Henry Alexander, and I really love it. Cheeky, sincere, profound and intriguing, ‘What I Like’ is something to be played on repeat. I can’t wait for more from this talented musician.

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