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Track Review: What If? // Tazmin

Born in the UK but raised in China, singer-songwriter Tazmin has experienced two diverse cultures in her young life. She began singing at a young age and soon made a name for herself across Beijing; however, it was in 2016 after her return to the UK that she embraced songwriting. Showcasing her natural talent for composition, Tazmin saw her EPs Trapped and Powerful reach the iTunes Pop Charts Top 20. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘What If?’.

Inspired by acts like Jessie J and Dua Lipa, Tazmin’s sound can be described as powerful pop with a bad-ass attitude. Moving away from her more dance-influenced tracks, ‘What If?’ has a darker, slightly grittier twinge to her pop-influenced sound. Beautifully arranged by producer Alex Hart, the track combines Tazmin’s soulful vocals with simplistic synths throughout. I particularly enjoy the interspersed “finger clicks” adding a bit of an edge to the single.

Unlike many commercial pop artists who simply sing for singing’s sake, Tazmin shows depth in her music. ‘What If?’ touches on the element of chance and opportunities people regularly encounter. She looks at the bravery of walking into the unknown facing happiness or despair – you really don’t know. The lyricism has an engaging depth, but it is Tazmin’s soaring vocals that make ‘What If?’ soul-stirring.

Reminiscent of Jessie J, Tazmin’s rich voice not only leads the track but adds a subtle sensuality. Elegantly traversing the flowing melody, Tazmin effortlessly places you in a hazy swirl of sound with her dulcet tones. Playfully wrapping us around her little finger, ‘What If?’ is a sophisticated piece of refreshing music in a stagnating industry.

“‘What If?’ is a song all about that unexpected ‘chance encounter’ and what good things might happen if we are brave enough to take a little step into the unknown when we meet a new person. The uncertainty of the future, the risk vs. reward and all the tricks the mind can play as we weigh up all the unknown possibilities. Basically, a story about the kinds of decisions we might all make every day.” – Tazmin on ‘What If?’

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