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Track Review: What’s My Drug // John Harvey

Hailing from a family of musicians, it makes sense that US-based multi-instrumentalist and composer John Harvey would gravitate to music. In the 1980s John co-founded and performed with the rock band Moving Parts, but this was not the beginning and end of his career.

About 30 years later, John formed The Django Band followed by Jupiter and Teardrop releasing an album in 2016. Having plunged into the world of a band, he moved along to embrace a solo career in 2021 and he’s doing rather well.  Featured on blogs and playlists including Lost In The Manor, Find No Enemy, Testi e canzo, and iHeart radio, John is gaining international acclaim. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘What’s My Drug’.

Following his five-track EP Second Chances, John Harvey moves from a folk meets indie-rock style to something deeper, darker and more hard-hitting in ‘What’s My Drug’. Combining dynamic guitars with pounding drums, the single brings a heavier rock stance to John’s sound. The melodic arrangement is particularly appealing as percussion and brass instruments add a “real feel” element to the track. Beautifully layered, John searches for a balance between organic and synthetic in ‘What’s My Drug?’. The thing is, while the instrumentation does turn heads with its melody, it is the vocal execution that is evocative.

With a monotone execution, John Harvey’s vocals break out as the most significant element to ‘What’s My Drug’. Demonstrating the ability of simplistic sound to convey an overwhelming, awe-inspiring emotion, John’s deep tones pierce the heart. Disinterested, desperate and filled with inner turmoil, the staccato quality really makes ‘What’s My Drug’ a soul-stinging success. John may be asking what his drug is, but I know I’m completely addicted to his music.

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