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Track Review: Wheel // Wotts

From The Other Side Reviews to Iggy Magazine and Illustrate Magazine, PopFad to Senocular Media, Music For All and Plastic Magazine (along with several playlists), Canadian duo Wotts have been turning heads across the globe since 2017. Fusing their natural musical talents, Ricky 100 (guitar, bass) and Jayem (multi-instrumentalist and vocals) bring a unique synth-pop meets indie-pop sound to audiences. Alongside the critical acclaim from notable publications, the lads are known for engaging performances hitting the stages of Junofest and Canadian Music Week.

As a music reviewer, I have the honour of discovering independent artists at a grassroots level and there is a lot of awesomeness to be found – Wotts is a pair that stands out with their inimitable sound. Following the well-received track ‘SOMETHING’, I expected a single retaining the unique retro pop sound; however, the lads continue to surprise with ‘Wheel’. The first release in 2023, Wotts diverges from the sound they are known for incorporating indie-pop sentiments with a tinge of pop-rock in ‘Wheel’. A strong traditional Wotts flavour continues to exist at the song’s core, but a 90s pop-rock feel blasts through highlighting the duo’s innovation as artists.

“Indie-pop is our genre but I think we’re having a lot of fun with exploring new sounds and really trying to build an atmosphere with our music.” – Ricky 100 on ‘Wheel’

Known for songs about relationships, love and heartbreak, Wotts captures the intimacy of romance in their charming singles. Yet, along with the experimental nature of the melody, the lads tackle more profound themes in ‘Wheel’. Wotts explain that ‘Wheel’ is “about surrendering to what you can’t control and acknowledging and accepting mortality…” The thing is, while there is a profoundness to ‘Wheel’, a toe-tapping warmth oozes from the soothing single.  

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