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Track Review: Whiskey and Wine // Marigold Ingot

Caroline Bingley stated in Pride and Prejudice that a truly accomplished woman will have “a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing and the modern languages”; I think I found an accomplished woman in Marigold Ingot. Having lived in six countries on three continents, speaking Russian and Mongolian, a love for new cultures, a background in classical dance and acting, and superb songwriting and singing skills, Marigold certainly is the fiercest 21st-century woman I know.

Fusing together elements of pop, jazz, country and folk, the USA native is joining “all the badass women out there making waves” in a male-dominated industry. While this force of nature has only been releasing music over the last year, she seems to have captivated audiences near and far. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Roadie Music, Sinusoidal Music, Phork, Rising Artists Blog and many playlists, Marigold is definitely an artist to be watched. The latest addition to her repertoire is ‘Whiskey and Wine’.

With a cheeky grin and half-smile, Marigold Ingot captures your attention with this latest single. A rather laidback track, ‘Whiskey and Wine’ has a soothing jazz tinge beneath a soul-influenced melody. If you think of Lorde and Sara Bareilles, you might have an idea of what to expect; however, the smoothness of the melody melded with her dulcet tones transports you to a unique Marigold Ingot world. What I find delightful, other than the powerful vocals, is the incorporation of horns showcasing Marigold’s eclecticism and innovativeness as an artist.

While many people feeling anxious, uneasy and isolated in the Covid-19 lockdowns, ‘Whiskey and Wine’ is a celebration of this “alone time”. Penned at the beginning of the pandemic, Marigold raises a glass of wine sitting back and enjoying some time with herself. It is an intimate song about living in difficult circumstances, but the desperation and despair are pushed aside to reveal a happier, chilled out attitude. Sure, people do become frustrated when living in a world of uncertainty, but Marigold tells us that while “…we may not be able to control everything, we can always kick back, take a deep breath and enjoy a glass of your favourite beverage.” I don’t drink whiskey or wine but I will definitely raise my glass of orange juice to that!

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