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Track Review: White Horses // Where Is Your Love

Beginning as the stage name for producer/songwriter Stuart Harris’ musical projects, White Horses has grown to be a collaboration of talented musicians. In 2016, Harris enlisted the talented vocalist and guitarist James Deane, as well as singer-songwriter Mim Grey to perform on his tracks. Moreover, Harris collaborated with John James, Becky Brennan, Micky Moody (guitarist from White Snake) and music engineer Julian Victor Hinton. One of the latest additions to White Horses discography is the track ‘Where Is Your Love’.

The first track off White Horses latest album Sound of Sea, ‘Where Is Your Love’ is a powerful “protest song” of sorts touching on the distressing sociopolitical and economic problems facing people in the 21st century. Lyrically, White Horses explores issues of inequality, isolation, division, capitalism and global unrest; however, it isn’t as aggressive or in your face as the iconic protest songs like Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’, The Clash’s ‘White Riot’ or Ramones ‘My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down’. This doesn’t mean ‘Where Is Your Love’ is any less emphatic, but merely more melodic.

“The lyric is an observation of the result of Donald Trump’s four years as the president of America. It highlights the derision and division that has resulted in so much unrest…leading cultural and economic power that is supposed to be guiding the way for lesser countries around the world. The last verse deals with the accelerating global warming that has been largely not taken seriously for the last 30 years by short-term politicians who have kicked the can down the road for too long.” – Stuart Harris on ‘Where Is Your Love’

Using dynamic, well-arranged instrumentation, the guitar-driven single adopts a contemporary alternative rock style. What I find interesting is how the guitar maintains prominence while falling behind and complementing the powerful vocals. As Aristotle once said, “a whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and White Horse showcase the cohesiveness of the parts to form the ideal whole.

While the instrumentation is superb, it is the vocals that really grab one’s attention. With John James Newman distinctive throaty vocals at the fore, ‘Where Is Your Love’ takes on a new dimension making people listen to what he has to say, but still retaining a melodic, harmonious and soothing tone.

Side note: White Horses has also released a music video for ‘Where Is Your Love’ which is seen below:

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