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Track Review: Without You, Too // Kaylyn Marie

Ranging from her cross-country tours to performing on American Idol and featuring in Steven Spielberg’s The Post, Kaylyn Marie has a plethora of experiences from which she can draw inspiration. Originally beginning her career after her mother relayed an odd dream about “Kaylyn having long fingers” and “she should play guitar”, it might be considered divine intervention that Kaylyn became a singer-songwriter – boy, are we lucky she listened. With her skill as a guitarist and her beautiful vocals, the US-based artist is sharing her talent with audiences across the globe. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Without You, Too’.

The second single from her upcoming EP Forget Me Not, to be released in May/June 2021, ‘Without You, Too’ is a song of heartache, heartbreak and inner turmoil. You may consider this to be a melancholic tune with a desperate message, however, Kaylyn Marie prompts empowerment, self-love and hopefulness in ‘Without You, Too’. In fact, this song has been noted as the saddest song Kaylyn has written but also the happiest song she has written – intriguing.

Recorded and produced with her producer, Katie Buchanan, ‘Without You, Too’ is a mellow song with a smooth, flowing vibe. The upbeat nature of the acoustic-influenced melody merges well with the positivity in the lyricism, but there is also a more melancholic aspect with unhappy undertones in both the sound and words. Like I mentioned, this is the saddest and happiest song Kaylyn has written. It is also one of the most introspective and reflective songs with a lingering sense of heartfelt nostalgia.

Following the tale of a female protagonist who leaves a toxic relationship only to face inner conflict and desperation, ‘Without You, Too’ can easily act as the soundtrack to an empowering romantic drama. Described by Kaylyn Marie as “a mantra tune sung by someone who is on the mend of heartbreak but facing some hiccups of nostalgia”, the song exudes honesty, genuineness and sentimental sincerity. I think the delicate tone and timbre of Kaylyn’s sweet vocals enhance the poignancy of the track.

Overall, I adore ‘Without You, Too’ as it delicately explores the complex workings of the human mind. It elegantly looks at the fragility of the human soul and Kaylyn clearing pounces on existential truths that we all shy away from. Love it!

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