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Track Review: Woman // Beorma

Beorma is an indie pop duo based in Birmingham consisting of Tom and Ferns. They bring a variety of styles and genres into their music which results in a hard hitting sound. They will release a new song, ‘Woman’ in March. The song is the third single from their debut EP Virtual Emotionality. The song is a feminist anthem that is being released in time for International Women’s Day.

‘Woman’ is about how society should change the way women are treated. Over a beautiful beat which conveys emotion, there is a spoken word passage that reminds me of The Streets. Tom talks about how he was guilty of objectifying women in the past through seeing “my fair share of porn including gangbangs at parties.” But he realizes where he went wrong and this is important because it shows that we make mistakes and learn from them. At the end,  when he says: “act now to make changes”, it is inspirational because it encourages the listener to think for themselves.

Towards the end of the song, there is a passage from Ferns where she shuts down the sexists. Her voice is really strong because you can hear the emotional intensity. When she says: “I don’t even wanna hear what you gotta say”, it displays confidence and a fierce intent to overcome any obstacles.

‘Woman’ is a very important song that resonates strongly with the listener, and should result in bigger things for Beorma.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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