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Track Review: Won’t Stop Yet // The Collection

An NPR Tiny Desk Judge’s Pick in 2019, The Collection is a seven-piece group finding the line between alternative pop, jazz and indie-pop. Hailing from the US, North Carolina to be exact, the lads and ladies are steadily turning heads with each new release. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Indie Music Center, Rockol, Glide Magazine and various playlists, The Collection is reaching an international audience. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘Won’t Stop Yet’.

Known for their engaging melodies, The Collection’s music has a smooth, flowing arrangement touched by tender lyricism. Following their track ‘Get Lost’, ‘Won’t Stop Yet’ retains their soothing melody with some heartfelt lyrics. What I find particularly intriguing is how the backstory to ‘Won’t Stop Yet’ seems to juxtapose the cheeriness of the track. Lead vocalist David Wimbish explains the song popped into his head while experiencing seasickness on tour at the Rock Boat cruise. He laughs about the contrast between being “nauseated and curled in the fetal position” and the positive concept of empowerment in ‘Won’t Stop Yet’.

I was nauseated and curled up in the fetal position and drawing and whispering “might not make it further, but I won’t stop”. I finished the lyrics a month later…processing entering another year of Covid, shutdowns and generally feeling exhausted. All this is going on, and yet there’s something about a new year that is supposed to inspire and keep us going.” – David Wimbish (The Collection) on ‘Won’t Stop Yet’.

As inspiring as the lyricism is, it is the upbeat melody that keeps the bounciness going. With the combination of pop beats and a horn section, the group shows their innovativeness and eclecticism as artists. Moreover, David’s bold, warm and rich vocals add a hint of encouragement to the track.

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