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Track Review: Butterfly // Workman Song

The alter-ego of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sean McMahon, Workman Song is a folk-rock artist. Think John Lennon meets Beck with some of Cat Stevens style, then you have some idea of Workman Song. I may have only heard about the US-based artist now, but he has been sharing music with the masses since 2014 performing at festivals like Wild Goose Festival, Green River Festival and SXSW. The latest addition to Sean’s moving discography is ‘Butterfly’.

Highly reminiscent of The Beatles infused with the flowing tones of John Lennon and songwriting genius of Paul McCartney, ‘Butterfly’ is a honeypot of harmonies. A sonic representation of superb self-production, the track is elegantly textured with Sean involved in all elements from the guitar-strumming to backing “wow and ooh”. Yet, while the melody is powerful in its own soothing way, it is the moving vocals and lyricism that truly captured my attention.

Now, it may be that Sean McMahon is bringing the tenderness of John Lennon to the 21st Century with similar dulcet tones; however, he places a unique stamp on the track with a tinge of gruff warmth thrown into the mix. Penned as a frustrated and angsty response to the events of 2020, Sean takes us on a reflective journey accepting that the year is one of loss, but sound and emotive lyricism of ‘Butterfly’ share a wistful optimism for the future.

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