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Track Review: worthless // fi

If you are a fan of Billie Eilish, James Blake or Phebe Bridgers, then listen up! Based in Birmingham, the UK artist fi nods to the sounds of old-school folk and contemporary pop in an eclectic way. With only one single to their name, one would consider fi a newbie in the industry. Alright, so they might be, however, this does not mean they are not grabbing people’s attention. Featured on The Other Side Reviews and Its All Indie, fi is reaching an audience on an international level. We want to introduce you to this talented musician with ‘worthless’.

Combining the intimacy of Joni Mitchell with the intensity of Leonard Cohen, fi sends shivers down your spine without too many bells and whistles. The acoustic-inspired ‘worthless’ showcases their delicate vocals in a simplistic way, but there is also an undertone of dream-pop in the mix. It may be this starkness coupled with a modern-day pop haziness that prompts the ethereal sound. Yet, there is a smooth and flowing melody denying any brashness or wistfulness. Alright, perhaps there is a wistfulness to the music, but I believe this otherworldliness is attributed more to the lyricism than melody.

Touching on areas of uncomfortable changes, fi delves into the gritty existential truths of difficult situations. Inspired by the unfolding events of a toxic relationship, fi explores the effect of manipulation, lies and secrets in a slightly beguiling manner. While the track appears to be a folksy ballad on the surface, there is a deeper exposition of human fragility within the tender and poignant song. Soft and soothing, ‘worthless’ can lull you into a state of comfort; however, the burst of painful emotion tends to drag you into a haunted discomfort.

Showcasing their sophisticated songwriting and soul-stirring melodies, ‘worthless’ is a heartfelt and brutally honest single. I always find it intriguing how something so basic can have a greater effect than the heaviest nu-metal song I can find. This is the case with fi’s ‘worthless’.

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