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Track Review: Xaysha // What They Say

A professionally trained dancer, singer and songwriter, Xaysha is constantly pushing boundaries with her unique style. Working with her industry professional father, as well as featuring on X Factor, she has a background many emerging artists would give their right arm for. Hitting the music scene with dedication, this pop artist has an upbeat nature with a determination to succeed. The latest addition to her growing repertoire is the single ‘What They Say’.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, singer Xaysha appeals to her Millennial audience using captivating and engaging lyrics. Described as “bubbly”, her tracks meld significant lyricism with buoyant melodies making you think while still bop your head. Aiming for a personal connection with listeners, her music is relatable, honest and relevant for contemporary society – a characteristic often lost in commercial pop.

“For all those ladies out there who struggle to find that perfect guy, this is the tune for you. Bringing every quote I have gotten in my experience of the dating world to life…encouraging women to brush it off, laugh and move on so he knows what he is missing.” – Xaysha on ‘What They Say’.

While the intriguing lyricism demonstrates sincerity and genuineness, it is the melody and vocals that show originality. Influenced by Rita Ora and Amy Shark, Xaysha has a bright, bold and slightly brazen approach with her unmistakable vocal tone. Using honest lyrics wrapped up in a dance-worthy pop package ‘What They Say’ showcases Xaysha’s innovativeness and versatility as a singer.

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