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Track Review: Yarrow // Celestial North

Dipping into a cosmic land of impossibility and folklore, Celestial North’s music has been described as “wyrd dream-pop”. Layering heartfelt melodies over musical mountains, the Scottish singer-songwriter is bringing a refreshing uniqueness to audiences. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, God Is In The TV Zine, Under The Radar, and numerous radio stations (BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Last FM), Celestial North is reaching listeners across the globe. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘Yarrow’.

On the heels of her track ‘The Nature of Light’, Celestial North uses simplicity to sonically represent intimate self-reflection. Ethereal and haunting, there is a slightly surreal ambience to ‘Yarrow’; interestingly enough, while the track remains spine-chilling, the piece becomes warmer as it progresses. Listening to ‘Yarrow’ is like stepping into a dark lake without any shoes – dipping your toes into the striking water. Yet, while it begins with a cold start, you suddenly feel comfortable and lose yourself in a joyful haziness.

With only a piano and soft, hushed backing vocals (somewhat like sirens), ‘Yarrow’ is a magical instrumental track. Obviously engulfing herself and us in a misty musical gossamer blanket, the track has a rawness and honesty that is completely unique. Celestial North explains that ‘Yarrow’ is a “botanical soundscape representative of how I felt whilst I was sitting with the yarrow, and the tune played on the piano is the tune that was playing in my head whilst sitting with the plant.” In my opinion, if this is what music Celestial North has in her head, I can’t wait to see what else is rocking about that cranium.

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