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Track Review: Yesterday I Cried // Mot & Krid

The brainchild of musician Thomas Gallmeier, Mot & Krid is an indie-pop artist with some electronica tinges. Born in the USA, but raised in Germany, Thomas began his music career as a drummer playing sessions and gigs throughout Germany; he then moved to Los Angeles and has established a name for himself on both continents. Featured on numerous radio stations and playlists including Capital FM (UK), Kiss FM (UK and Germany), Pandora and Sirius XM. Further accolades include collaboration with Grammy winners Glen Ballard and Bob Margouleff.

Described by blogs as an ardent artist with an energetic flair for music (Roadie Music and Sinusoidal Music), Mot & Krid has an enthusiastic sound that imprints itself on your soul. In his latest track ‘Yesterday I Cried’, a collaboration with singer-songwriter Sean Wiggins, Mot & Krid slathers a heavier alternative rock sound atop a commercial pop arrangement. Interestingly enough, the underlying piano within an electronic twist brings a soft rock ballad vibe to ‘Yesterday I Cried’. I could say this showcases Mot & Krid’s versatility, but that is already evident in the great genre diversity of his discography.

Heart-warming and tender, ‘Yesterday I Cried’ seems to slither in through your ears, rumble about your cranium and slide down your spine with melodic ease. Yes, this leaves you tingling a little from the sonic sensation, but it is the lyrical content that really left a print on my heart. Mot & Krid explains that ‘Yesterday I Cried’ was written to “inspire hope and the need and urgency for equality in these crazy times. SCOTUS had just overturned Roe vs. Wade and further threatened to roll back additional civil rights including the marriage equality act.”

Interestingly enough, while the concept is a poignant one, Wiggins’ rich vocals seem to hug you tightly and remove one from our uncertain society. Is this sense of vulnerability smothered with an intense empowering intimacy the core of ‘Yesterday I Cried’? Is it the answer to dealing with difficult existential issues? I don’t know, but what I do know is I love it!

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