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Track Review: You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends) // The Qwarks

Described as a “rock feast” with “funny and well played” songs, UK-based The Qwarks are building a reputation for being engaging, entertaining and intriguing. A fusion of punk with some hard rock influences, The Qwarks have been compared to the Dead Kennedys and Cardiacs. While the members have performed gigs with and without each other for several years, the lads only blasted onto the blogosphere last year featuring on The Other Side Reviews, Rock Era Magazine and many more. We take a gander at their latest single ‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’.

Following their genre-defying EP Mind Your Head, The Qwarks adopt a boundary-breaking sound in ‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’. Upbeat and cheeky, the single is toe-tapping and head-bopping. In fact, I can easily see this track being played at a live music venue with people shouting along to the lyrics. Beautifully textured, the melodic arrangement balances obnoxious vocals with a flowing melody. What I mean is, while there is a distortion in Simon Young’s bass and pounding of Nick Flowers’ drums, the trio still come together in a smooth whole.

As I mentioned, ‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’ has a degree of cheekiness about it. Phil Johnstone’s dynamic guitar melds with the drums and bass creating a high-paced melody. It is, however, the lyrical execution that makes the single hard-hitting. Touching on society in the 21st century, The Qwarks explore internet culture and making an impression online. The lads share that “…the culture is deteriorating, and strange vibrations abound. Amidst the chaos, this song focuses on who really matters: the fans.”

Psychedelic and quite amusing, ‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’ has a jovial sentimentality in its powerful “get up and dance” sound. Taken from their upcoming psychedelic rock album, ‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’ is a slap in the face sending chills down your spine – in a good way.

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