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Track Review: You Got No Soul // CATALYSTS

Features on Kerrang FM, Amazing Radio, Rising Artists Blog, Sinusoidal Music, The Other Side Reviews, iHeart Radio and many others, CATALYSTS are reaching listeners across the globe. With their obscure and eclectic music, the UK-based lads are building a reputation for being engaging, enthusiastic and intriguing. Now, it’s said that all people from Wales can sing so is CATALYSTS another example of Welshman doing what they do best? I don’t know about that but what I do know is these musicians are mighty talented. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘You Got No Soul’.

Formed in 2018, David Challenger (lead vocals), Elliot Blake (guitar and synths), Craig O’ Connor (rhythm guitar), Paul Owen (bass) and Haitham Alhardan (drums) merged various genres to create their “prog-punk-rock” sound. Following their pop-punk gem ‘Sylvia’, CATALYSTS return with the upbeat single ‘You Got No Soul’. Hard-hitting and forceful, this rock-influenced single is reminiscent of emo bands from the early-2000s; however, there is a far more contemporary flair to the song. Perhaps this is the unique Welsh musicality people talk about?

Fusing pounding drums with powerful guitars, ‘You Got No Soul’ punches you in the face with its powerful melody. Yet, it is not only the raw energy of the melody that keeps you interested but David Challenger’s vocals layered on the energetic sound. In an infectious way, the gruff tone weaves through the colourful sonic tapestry like a thread of shimmering gold. Yes, I just compared gruff and gritty to gold but then again, beauty can be a bit raw.

CATALYSTS share that they “…adopt a fearless approach when it comes to exploring new sounds”, and that is utterly evident in ‘You Got No Soul’. Filled with strength and passion, the lads’ eclecticism shines through as a fierce force of nature. Do I like ‘You Got No Soul’? Definitely! Do I like CATALYSTS? Undoubtedly, and you will too once you listen to their music.

Side note: CATALYSTS are releasing new music on November 5th so be sure to keep your eyes out and ears peeled for that!

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