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Track Review: You Need A Woman // Mark Rosal

Influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard Cohen, Mark Rosal brings an eclectic sound to the masses. Inspired by life in its entirety, this elegant storyteller takes an introspective look at the world around us and brings it to life in his music. Described by The Other Side Reviews as a musician who embraces the emotional opportunities life offers, Mark Rosal is turning heads and making a statement among some top critics. One of the latest additions to his discography is the single ‘You Need A Woman’.

Following his single ‘This Journey’, ‘You Need A Woman’ is a more upbeat, high-powered single with a strong country style – if we had to choose a genre. Yet, while Mark’s music falls within the folk meets country genre, ‘You Need A Woman’ dust the acoustic melody with a layer of horns bringing a unique slant to the song. Along with the harmonic instrumentation, Mark Rosal’s rich vocals create an almost palpable grittiness within the charming melody.

Mark shares that he writes songs about personal growth, the inner journey, spirituality, relationships and society, and this is evident in ‘You Need A Woman’. Easy to listen to and rather laidback with some groovy vibes, the soothing track can get you grinning. Yet, while the single has a chilled vibe, it contains an intense intimacy as mark shares his “…journey in this world, the issues I am dealing with both on a personal and universal level.” Bringing the intimacy and profoundness of Leonard Cohen to a track with tinges of James Taylor, ‘You Need A Woman’ is something passionate, powerful and intriguing.

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