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Track Review: you will never see this // Sabreen Islam

With a passion for storytelling, singer-songwriter and author Sabreen Islam tells tales through music, poetry and literature. From her debut single ‘Can’t’ (released in 2020) to her latest track ‘you will never see this’, Sabreen has captivated hearts across the globe. Featured on indie blogs like The Punk Head, Sinusoidal Music, and Less Than 1000 Followers, as well as having music on rotation on MTV Australia and New Zealand, Sabreen is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Come with us as we delve into her most recent single ‘you will never see this’.

On the heels of her well-received track ‘count me in’, Sabreen Islam adopts a calmer, more soothing and softer sound in ‘you will never see this’. Retaining her distinctive pop style, the track has a “bubblegum bounciness” to it, but there is a deeper vulnerability expressed in the arrangement. Slightly acoustic-inspired, Sabreen combines dynamic guitars, powerful drums and tender vocals in ‘you will never see this’. What I find intriguing is how the instrumentation backs Sabreen’s obscure vocals but movements to a “non-instrumental spoken word” enhance the eclecticism of the song.

Intricate, complex and jaw-dropping in its melodic arrangement, you could be completely happy to listen to the track as an instrumental piece; however, it is Sabreen’s lyricism that really brings out the awesome quality of the song. Delicate and innovative, ‘you will never see this’ is a peek at the “…heart-wrenching curiosity one feels when thinking of someone they used to know.” Mixing feelings of joy, loss and despair in her lyrics, Sabreen creates an almost palpable grittiness to the smooth song.

I came across Sabreen Islam a little while ago but, ashamedly, I turned away and didn’t continue following her. With ‘you will never see this’ she shows natural talent and embeds herself in my heart. I would seriously recommend everyone listen to this gem in a batch of sonic pebbles.

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