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‘Tremendous’ release ‘Rock N’ Roll Satellite’

Tremendous, a Birmingham based band that is the brainchild of Mark Dudzinski who are heavily influenced by T.Rex, David Bowie and 70’s Glam Rock has returned with their latest single “Rock n’ Roll Satellite“.

It doesn’t take much working out to see that the influences aforementioned have been truly absorbed and developed within the Tremendous music catalogue. And “Rock n’Roll Satellite” is no different as it continues to develop and expand on the very sound that brought much attention to previous releases. Guitar laden tones, a steady backbeat and a welcoming tonality that has us wondering how we’ve missed this until now.

Tremendous have confirmed that there is to be an album that is in the pipeline for the end of the year. Whilst the name remains elusive to us, it is produced by heavy hitter Gavin Monaghan (Kings Of Leon/Robert Plant/The Editors etc). And to add to the excitement heading into the end of 2018, Tremendous recently signed a “small sync deal” with Asylum Ent which is owned by motion picture company Legendary Entertainment in Los Angeles. So we expect to see even bigger moves by the Birmingham based outfit in 2019!

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