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Turtle Tempo Live Music // Dutch Criminal Record

Live music is instrumental in the music industry. There’s nothing better than enjoying the thunderous sound of talented musicians playing their guitars and giving you tinnitus. To introduce you to the bands who will give you make your ears ring – in the best way possible – at Turtle Tempo’s latest event, here is our build-up article. Here we present Dutch Criminal Record, performing on July 10th at The Waiting Room, London.  Doors open at 7:30 pm.


Dutch Criminal Record

Credit: Adam Prosser

If you had to introduce yourself as a band, in one sentence, what would the sentence be?

Dutch Criminal Record: “Probably something like, we’re Dutch Criminal Record, a four-piece from the South coast who write upbeat indie rock tunes.”

Why do you think live music nights, like the ones Turtle Tempo put on, are important to emerging artists?

Dutch Criminal Record: “It’s really important that bands are given a platform to perform, and we think Turtle Tempo have created a great environment and stage for that. The bill always has a really good blend of music, with artists that suit each other musically. The evenings always have such a good vibe between artists, venue and Turtle Tempo (promoter), and there never seems to be any unhealthy competition, which can sometimes happen at shows with bands!”

If you could perform with three other independent artists, who would they be and why?

Dutch Criminal Record: “That’s a tough question as there are loads of great independent artists. We always enjoy playing shows with our pals Submariner, so we’d have them on the bill. The last Turtle Tempo show we played with Only Sun who have really cool tunes with an energetic set, so we’d have them. Framps and Sam saw Fur supporting Boy Pablo live earlier this year, and they were amazing. We think they’re independent. If they are, we’d have them as our headliners.”

What, do you think, is the most challenging aspect of performing live?

Dutch Criminal Record: “While it’s difficult to get your songs sounding as good as they can live, and being as tight as possible, perhaps the most difficult thing is being able to do that at the same time as creating an engaging live show. Often bands will opt in favour of theatrics, and it can affect the live performance of the songs, and that shouldn’t happen. However, if you just stand there staring at your instruments to sound perfect, then you can alienate your audience; getting the balance is a tough job.”

Do you have a lot planned for the rest of the year?

Dutch Criminal Record: “Yes, we have lots of cool stuff happening. We’re releasing an EP at the end of August, and then will hopefully be playing a few shows in support of that. We are also playing some festivals this summer, including Victorious in Southsea; so, we have lots on the way!”

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