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Unprocessed showcase crushing brutality on new album ‘Covenant’

Unprocessed are a German progressive band who first came together in 2012. A band who thrive on creating their own brand of metal that packs a punch, their sound consists of guttural vocals and guitar riffs that are reminiscent of machinery. They’ve created a reputation through touring with the likes of Monuments and Betraying the Martyrs. The bands’ debut album ‘In Concretion’ was released in 2014. It combined brutal riffs and creative drum patterns, showing clear signs of their potential.
This paves the way for second album ‘Covenant’, due out in April. On their first album, the production showed off an epic atmospheric soundscape. It’ll be intriguing to see how these influences have shaped the sound on the new album.
‘Covenant’ is a technical record, while also remaining fresh and original. It features crushing riffs reminiscent of After the Burial along with gigantic production, evident on the bruising ‘Millenium.’ On this track, the djent-influenced guitars combine very nicely with the lush synths, while lead single ‘Haven’ exemplifies the production perfectly; the intro riff is designed to melt faces.
The guitars are panned to great effect, as demonstrated on album highlight ‘The Division.’ The instruments create a stampeding wall of sound, while the funky bass slaps and the overlapping atmospheric guitar offer something different. The band also show their calmer side at the halfway point on ‘The Mirror’, a track that’s fit for a slow singalong. It’s an emotional song that demonstrates the eclectic influences, showing they’re open to experimentation.
‘Covenant’ is an album that should make its mark on the international metal scene. With a UK tour on the horizon, we should hear more from Unprocessed very soon.
‘Covenant’ is released on 13th April via Longbranch Records.
 Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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