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'Virgin Suicide' Unleash Their Creativity In Latest Video For Single 'Madonna'

Creative, artistic and wonderfully visual may be just a few of the words that come to mind when viewing the latest ‘Virgin Suicide‘ video for single ‘Madonna‘. However, there is much more to this video and track from the Danish five-piece than just three simple keywords. Although the three keywords may embody the very fabric of the video, it doesn’t do much in the way of seemlessly weaving the thoughtful and reflective comments that connect all of the elements together.
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Through clear decisive vision, the band have imposed a flurry of visuals that are bound to connect with many audiences and fans. It is the creative aspect of the video which initially draws you in, often looking at the very design and wondering just how long it would’ve taken to achieve the end product. This may be a question for another time if we ever have the chance to interview the band, but it projects a unique and down to earth quality with the band in order to not overdo a video in the traditional sense and give those of us who are watching a standard performance video or location shoot. There isn’t anything wrong with it at all, but we are more often than not caught by the very flair that individuals have when showcasing thier music, whether through live performance or through a music video.
To continue in trying to establish the words that connect the fabric of the video together. I believe that conciousness is something which can and does reflect the vision and direction of the video. A concious effort to offer something that is different to the normal, but also one which solidifies what the band offer in a music sense. Dynamic, thought-provoking and confident in itself may just be some of the other words in the offering.
All of these specifics make it very easy to see why the band have had so much support from media outlets and publications such as BBC 6, ‘Band Of The Week’ in The Guardian, Under The Radar, Red Bull, Clash and Noisey. Influences can be heard oozing out of this track. We get a hint of Tame Impala, David Bowie, The Smiths and others.
Virgin Suicide can be happy with the overall result that the video itself is sure to bring, and the track will go on to achieve many great plaudits. That, is somthing which we have no doubt about at all.

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