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Track Review: Warning Lights // Lapels

I always find it interesting to discover how bands choose their band name. In some cases it is a rather profound process, in others it comes from the spur of the moment – this is the case with Lapels. Focusing on gigging since their formation in 2018, the UK-based foursome needed a name for gig flyers and, because they were wearing jackets at the time, they dubbed themselves Labels. Alright, so we know the story behind the name, but who are the lads?

Bringing together the talents of Nathan, Andy, Will and Adam, Lapels embraces the sound of indie-pop and indie-rock adding a modern flair to their music. Likened as an evolution of old-school Oasis-esque tunes, the quartet has a relatable sound but with some uniqueness making it relevant for the 21st century. Despite forming several years ago, Lapels began releasing songs this year and are already making a splash with their debut single. We would like to introduce you to this energetic and intriguing group with their single ‘Warning Lights’.

Described by Our Sound Music as “…exceeding expectations” with ‘Warning Lights’, Lapels prove they are more than just a live band. Combining dynamic guitars, pounding drums and harmonic vocals, ‘Warning Lights’ has a powerful sound with a soothing underlying melody. Reminiscent of Blur, the lads show they can be overwhelmingly bold but without rising above a smooth tempo. Regarding the music, it seems as though you are placed in a hazy bubble of sound but there is a grittiness in the dreamy soundscape.

Lyrically, the group shows their youth and relevance in contemporary society. In fact, the lyrics focus primarily on those mundane activities in daily life; however, the music is far from mundane. A personal narrative bridges that gap between artist and listener connecting in an intimate way. Moreover, the gruffness of the vocals enhances the poignancy of the simplistic song in an effortless way. Anthemic, exciting and captivating, I can see why Lapels are considered a diamond in the rough. I would love to see them perform live but am quite content to have ‘Warning Lights’ on repeat.

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