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‘We Are Bandicoot’ Takeoff With Latest Release ‘L.A.X’

‘We Are Bandicoot’ land effortlessly back into focus for their latest release titled ‘L.A.X‘, making this their first single since their debut album ‘Temper‘ in November 2016. Interestingly enough, ‘L.A.X‘ was written about Simon Briley’s (vocals) experience in LA, February 2016 after being flown out by best friend and actor, Dominic Sherwood (Shadow Hunters, Vampire Academy) to celebrate Dominic’s birthday.
We may not have been with Simon on his trip to America, but this track does no harm in teleporting us to the feel good vibes, good times and some of the experiences he had. Although we won’t be getting a fitted suit from Armani like Simon did, we will happily settle for this release and the epic nature exuding from the track.


The opening of ‘L.A.X‘ will feel as if you have been thrown in a time machine back to the 60’s, launched right through studio sessions with Eric Clapton and Tom Dowd and then completing the loop by skidding to a grinding halt, leaving a trail of fire behind you as confirmation of your landing that you are back in the present. It echo’s the 60’s fuzz sound that became synonymous with the era, but also has the rawness in the vocal to not only support, but compliment this sound in a variety of different ways throughout the track.
L.A.X‘ contains various guitar licks which add new dynamics and heighten the rate in which you’ll be tapping your feet, that’s if you are lucky enough to survive the urge to move your entire body to this record after turning it up to 11, 10 seconds after it begins.
We talk a lot about arrangement and instrumentation on NexusMusicBlog as we feel this goes under the radar of how you make great songs stand out amongst good songs, and let this track be one of those examples for your ears where the arrangement and  instrumentation are both great. When the guitars step down in various parts – there is a space for that. Guitar licks? Space for that. Want to hear drums done well but kept simple? Space for that as well. Bass? Yep, you guessed it, space for that! Vocal tones? Space for that as well!
We Are Bandicoot‘ have produced a track that makes us nostalgic in almost every sense of the word. ‘L.A.X‘ contains all of the elements we enjoy hearing in a track with various unique moments, crafted using simple logic that makes the track gel as well as a 60’s hairstyle. We hope ‘We Are Bandicoot‘ continue down this path of musical discovery and continue to keep us in the loop going forward.

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