Welsh Fest 2018

Welsh Fest 2018 Playlist – Ten of Our Favourites.

Well, here we are! Back for another Festival where we are highlighting some of the best and brightest for the upcoming Welsh Fest event in the coming days!

Welsh Fest runs over three days, Friday 27th July, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th. The festival will have four stages this year as it looks to build a greater audience for the coming years. Furthering this, the Welsh Fest prides itself in its representation of music genre diversity, showcasing rock, indie, ska, pop, blues, folk, classical, house and techno.

The festival is set in the Vale of Glamorgan’s picturesque Countryside and is described as:

an Outdoor Weekend Live Music Festival just a stone’s throw away from the Welsh Capital“.  (Welsh Fest Home)

We’ve put together a tidy little playlist featuring ten of our favourites to play the event this year! There’s a mixed bag here and it’s sure to be to almost everyone’s taste, so be sure to get yourself into the playlist and take a listen!

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