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‘Yonder’ Debut The Fantastic ‘Medicine Dreams’

‘Yonder’ may be in their infancy as a duo when you take into account that ‘Medicine Dreams’ is their debut. However, Dan and Alex Lisle enter their latest project ‘Yonder’ having been involved in the fantastic ‘SAHARAS’. It is amongst their time in ‘SAHARAS’ that you begin to note and appreciate the correlation between both projects. With a key constant being just how bloody amazing the resulting music is.

It is no different for ‘Medicine Dreams’. With the track premiering on Indie Central Music it has gained recognition as a strong statement of intent. It is hard to not appreciate just how down to earth ‘Medicine Dreams’ really is. It feels as if it marks the start of summer and brings about a joyful feeling all on its own. 

There is a life and a uniqueness that is contained within the projects that both Dan and Alex become involved. There is no shortness of that here either. A distinct and effervescent vibe that is all-consuming dominates a release that respectfully tips a hat to ‘SAHARAS’. All whilst seeking out an avenue that looks to further shape ‘Yonder’ and direct much deserved praise their way.

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