Track Review

Zac White Shines With ‘Spent On You’.

Zac White sees his latest release ‘Spent On You‘ become his ace in a catalogue of proverbial cards that really cement his place amongst the industries brightest current emerging artists.

The evolution of Zac has seen his journey date back over five years ago where he began his travels on the live circuit. His early experiences include performing with FUR and being part of Lily and White. And being based out of Cardiff, there is a sense of something that is a million miles away from what we are used to here at Nexus, but something that remains alluring all the same.

The latest track takes the very best of Zac and his ability to squeeze every ounce of creativity out of his arrangements. Delivering a warped, reverberant sound, ‘Spent On You‘ delightfully lands on the cusp of your ears and wanders into your mind to get stuck for the rest of time. It’s got a sense of nostalgia that transports you back to the 70’s in tonality and the individualism of the track places it as one of our favourites this week!

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